Sunset over cape Sounion.

The Sounion Sunset Tour

I highly recommend this tour because you get to see the other side of Athens. The superb coastline of Athens with its lovely little coastal villages and its breathtaking sunset.

We start from downtown and travel along the coastline. Our first stop is at the ship museum. Here you will see a replica of an ancient trireme boat. The Athenians used these boats to defeat the Persians in the battle of Salamis in 479BC. We continue on the coastline where we will see various little villages. Across on our right side you will see the Saronic islands. Aegina is the closest island to Athens. We will make a quick stop at Lake Vouliagmeni. It’s a picturesque lake and its temperature is constant 25C all year round. After that we will head towards cape Sounion to the temple of Poseidon (on our way we will stop to take some breathtaking photos). At the end of Attica on top of the hill stands the temple of Poseidon which was built in 444BC dedicated to Poseidon the god of the sea. Here you will see a spectacular sunset which is also very romantic. If you like we can have dinner by the seaside if not we will return to Athens.