Beautiful view of the town of Nafplio

The Nafplio Tour

The city of Nafplio is one of the most visited cities in Greece. It is located in the Argolic gulf and is 170km away from the city of Athens. Nafplio was the first capital of Greece. It has two castles: one is located in the sea and is called castle Bourtzi and the other is located on top of a hill named Palamidi. The old town is known as the Venetian town due to its Venetian architectural influence. It has narrow cobblestone streets where you can find all kinds of stores, tavernas and traditionally styled houses. Nafplio is also known to have fresh fish. One of the famous restaurants here is Savouras. You will also find many little hotels and pensions here. Marianna pension is one of them and is located high up in the old town. It has a great view of the port of Nafplio.

If you are arriving at Athens airport and you need to go to Nafplio we can take you there. It takes approx. 2 hours to get to Nafplio from Athens. If your cruise ship is docking at the port of Nafplio for the day we can pick you up in the morning and do a tour.

If you are coming to Greece then Nafplio is a city that I highly recommend to see.