The temple of Apollo at Delphi

The Delphi & Meteora Tour


We leave Athens by taking the national highway and traveling north. On our way to Delphi we will see the farmland of Greece. On each side of the road there are cotton fields and vegetable fields. You will also see many little picturesque villages. Approx. 80 percent of Greece is surrounded by mountains. During spring or summertime this ride is very beautiful.

Our first stop is at the Lion of Heronia which was erected by the Thebans in memory of their solidiers who died in the battle of Heronia in 338BC. The battle was between the Macedonians led by king Philip II with his son Alexander the Great and the Thebans. This area also has a nice museum.

Then we travel to Delphi passing outside the city of Livadia which is a nice little city surrounded by mountains. On our way there will make a stop at the Karakolithos monument which is dedicated to the Greek Resistance who fought against the Nazis in WWII.

After we will make a stop outside the village of Arachova which is the 2nd most visited village in Greece (the most visited village in Greece is Nafplion). You can take some great photos here of this picturesque village. Arachova is famous for its stone houses and for its skiing resort.

From Arachova we reach Delphi after 8km . When we reach the site Delphi the first thing that you will see on the left side is the temple of Athena Pronaia, the Tholos monument and the Greek gymnasium (this is where athletes warmed up before the Pythian Games.) To the right you will see the Castalian spring. The Oracle of Delphi would cleanse herself here before entering the temple of Apollo.

When you enter the archaeological site of Delphi while walking on the Sacred road you will see the Market place, the Athenian treasury, the temple of Apollo and its sanctuary. A bit further up you will see the ancient theater and lastly you will see the Stadium where the ancient Pythian Games were held (chariot races, running and wrestling were some of the sports.) After that when you come down you make a right and you walk to Delphi’s beautiful museum. After seeing Delphi we drive through the mountains and the Thessaliko Valley where you get to see the wonderful tomato and watermelon fields. Then we reach Meteora where we sleep over.


The next morning we will see 6 beautiful monasteries, which are built in such an extraordinary way on top of these gigantic rocks. The monasteries were built in the 14th century. Then in the afternoon we come back to Athens.